Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Long-Lost Readers

I have missed you all!!  It's been a long, busy summer, and my blogosphere, while often on my mind, has not been on my schedule.  Enough already, it's coming back!!  

My big news for the week is regarding the show MasterChef.  That's the Gordon Ramsey television baby that I applied for back in it's first season here in the US, but who was clearly not convinced of my genius.  The show is gearing up for its 4 season and auditions are already underway.  This weekend auditions are being held in Hollywood, CA and.....I'm going!  I've decided it's time to challenge myself once again, and am in the process of creating the most amazing dish that the world has ever seen...or more correctly...tasted.  I'll bring you all along with pictures, updates, and likely countless rants of frustration.

My apologies.