Sunday, February 19, 2012

The aftermath

Yesterday we cooked a lot of food.  

4 lasagnas with meat ragu, 4 lasagnas with spinach, 10 lbs of chicken picatta, marinated mushrooms, grilled mixed vegetables and olives marinated overnight, goat cheese, garlic white bean salad, artichoke hearts, bruschetta, ricotta & orange crostini, Italian sodas.....mmmmm.  I can still smell all of the garlic!  The guests loved the food, and the birthday girl looked like she enjoyed all of her friends and family who came to celebrate her day.  I hope when I reach the age of 90, my life will be so full!

I wish I had thought to take pictures before everyone started eating, but I didn't!  As soon as I thought of it there was a line of cute little old ladies three deep.  I tried to launch in front of them for a quick shot, but the light was funny.  Well....if that's my biggest regret of the day, then it's not so bad.  Oh, and I forgot the plates!  *head slap*  It was the single-most terrifying moment I had all day.  I was exiting the freeway with a van full of food, ice, and warmers and it flashed before my eyes....the plates....and where I had left them at home.  Guests were arriving in less than an hour, and I was 30 minutes from home.  Fortunately the catering gods were looking down on me, because as I came to stop in frozen panic at the red light, images of grandmas and grandpas eating lasagna and salad on cocktail napkins running through my mind, there it was - a Food for Less right in front of me!  I haven't run in heels in a while, but I survived.

I have to send thanks out to my in laws for adiosing my children for the day.  Hopefully you aren't any worse for the wear today.  Also, my partner and I could NOT have done so much without her hubby.  He jumped right in the kitchen and tolerated our bossiness and blonde moments.  Thank you all so much!!

Once I got home last night and unloaded the car I climbed straight into bed, clothes on and all.  My husband talked me back out, insistent I tell him how the meal went as he handed me a glass of wine.  I crawled out to the couch for a while and made like a social being, but I didn't last too long.  Great success, I love what we do!  Now, if you'll excuse me I have a pair of heels to burn.

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