Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New York

This morning while reading Michael Ruhlman's blog, I took a detour onto one of his recommended links on the sidebar.  

smittenkitchen.com is a recipe blog authored by Deb who is, "fearlessly cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City."  I have a soft spot in my heart for all things New York, which I'll admit, has been intensified recently mostly likely due to my reading through this book by Gabrielle Hamilton.  

I was born in New York, and lived there until the ideal time for a big move across country....the moody, insecure, awkward age of 12.  In fact I never really took to the next state of CO more due to my own whiny temper than any real issues with the state, and have since been a whiny college student, whiny foreign traveler, and whiny Californian.  I haven't been back to visit New York since my teens, so much of what I remember is most likely blurred by nostalgia and a growing dislike of sitting in Southern California traffic everyplace I go.  Nevertheless I seem to be collecting things from the northeast whenever I can; my current book that I can't seem to stop reading, people who used to live there themselves, and today I even found a packet of seeds titled "East Coast Wildflowers" which I of course bought.

So imagine my excitement today to discover a blog written by someone from my old state!  I had a good time reading through her articles, picking up bits of her dry humor laced with sarcasm like any good east coaster can throw around.  Or so I remember.  This recipe stood out to me so I thought I would share.  Keep it up, Deb!


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