Thursday, February 16, 2012

I have a blog

I am starting this blog as an outlet for my foodie self.  I currently inundate my FB family and friends with multiple daily posts about trending new chefs, cookbooks, seasonal vegetable preparations, recipes I've come across, and what I'm making for dinner.  Not to mention the mobile photos I've uploaded with step-by-step paparazzi-style coverage of what I made for dinner last night, and the constant "checking-in" on my mobile to whatever grocery has my current ingredient list on sale.  Enough!  I can recognize a problem when I see one.

So here I am attempting to siphon many of those posts to leave my FB page free for....wait.  Why do I have a FB?  Perhaps I'll give up FB for Lent.

I would describe my cooking style as open-the-cupboard-and-cook-what-you-can.  I have been classically trained in this art by years of too many kids and too few dollars.  I made it to mommy-hood before I made it to culinary school, and although I've always wanted to go back some day it would probably ruin me.  I'd start to question all of my instincts, and explain to my 7 year old how the Maillard reaction works as I make her grilled cheese.  I should probably just leave well enough alone.  

My friend and I have a dream of owning our own food truck some day, but until then we cook for every baby shower, birthday party, and holiday for 20 that we can. This weekend we are cooking for 60 at a birthday party for the cutest 90 year old grandma you've ever seen.  We are making Italian, and it's right up our alley!  Lasagana, marinated vegetable platters, bruschetta, artichoke hearts, olives....*sigh*  It will be perfect.  Of course I have the habit of cooking just for the excitement of it, forgetting that some day I would like to make money at this, while my business partner is ever the practical one, reminding me that we should indeed turn a profit should be in her business title.  In fact, she should be the one to go to culinary school and learn how to keep me in check, whilst I can continue to be the artsy dreamer.  At makes sense to me.  She's more practical than I am anyhow.  

In deciding what to make for dinner I usually start by trolling my favorite blogs and online cooking magazines for a recipe that sounds good over my morning coffee.  Then I turn the kitchen upside down, looking for substitutions for every ingredient that I don't have.  By the time dinner is actually served, lord knows what we're eating.  It drives my husband nuts!  I say, "Here's what we're eating tonight" as I hold out a Bon Appetit, Giada or Batali recipe.  "No we're not", he says as he shakes his head.  "You've changed about 7 of the ingredients, and one of them is the protein!"  "Yes," I say, "But I made it better!"  

Tonight is tricky because I am getting ready for a big catering job this weekend.  I generally get all wrapped up in the preparations, until sometime after dark one of the kids comes to the edge of the kitchen and says, "Mooooom, um, can we eat something tonight?"  PBnJ or takeout pizza time!  Promise I'll do better this week.  I might even make my favorite tonight ~ roast chicken.

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  1. This is fantastic and I Love it! I wish they had blogs when I was passionately cooking in my galley kitchen many years ago. But it's you who have the gift of words and savory talent in the kitchen! Only wish I lived close enough to be your sous chef and watch you slice, saute, cook and serve the ones you love w/love. Great blog, can't wait to hear more. Love you Sis