Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catering in a Shoebox

I've been busy today.  No really.  As in, the kind of busy that makes you look for another pot of coffee with every meal.  The kind of busy that makes the manager of your Trader Joe's yell out, "Back for a second trip?" as you leave the store.  Little does he's the fourth.  

But I completely love it, all of it.  The groceries, the sauteing in pots the size of a tub, the laughing with friends over wine that you bought to cook with but....hey...who lets wine just sit there when you're done with it?  I like having to rest bowls on the back of the stove, cutting boards over unused burners, and pots on the table, because I live in a postage stamp of an apartment.  I like the cooking and the camaraderie.  I like the friends from out of town here to visit for the occasion, I like that we tip toe into the grocery to buy half of the jars of tomatoes and white beans on the shelf....hoping nobody will laugh at us...or perhaps hoping they will, just for an excuse to recite the menu.  I like the cashier asking for leftovers to be brought in tomorrow during their shift.  Mostly I like the cooking, but never more than the friends.  Never ever.

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