Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Napoli Pizza Nod

The other night I watched Anthony Bourdain in Naples, and was absolutely drooling over the pizza scene.  Pizza from Naples is very simple, and should be made with excellent ingredients due to it's simplicity.  It's not New York pizza, and it's nothing like the monstrosity that is deep-dish Chicago pizza.  I set out to do my best, and to incorporate yesterday's fresh ricotta, along with the more traditional mozzarella.

I didn't love this dough recipe.  So I'm not speaking to it.

Yeast, oil, blah blah.

Flour, kneading, resting, rolling *phhbt*  Basically I ended up with flat bead pizza.  :/

The ricotta was amazing, and buratta is always fantastic.  But the last time I made pizza I used Batali's focaccia dough & it was to die for.  Next time...we'll do that again.  :)

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