Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Italian Roast

I love a good deal.  It could be last year's shoes in this season's off-color, and half a size too small, but if it's 89% off....I'm talking myself into them, and in which outfit too.  Last week I found pork shoulder for the going rate of fill dirt, so I naturally bought two.  On Friday I made puerco pibil, and tonight I made an Italian Style Pork Shoulder.  I had a friend over, so first thing this morning it came out of the fridge, got an herb rub and marinated while I did everything else.  It happened to be the perfect day to slow roast a meat chunk seeing as it was the first school day of daylight savings, so it felt like 0 dark 30 when I woke up.  Also, it seems someone ordered clouds for the morning, and I can whine about having a hard time "waking up" but really...I love the heck out of gloomy weather.  So I'm an Eeyore.  (((shrugs)))  

The roast went in about 10am at 475 for about an hour.  I just kept checking to make sure the rub didn't burn, but it did just fine.  Then I lowered the heat to 275, poured in white wine, and covered with foil.  I allowed one hour per pound of meat, so since it was a 6 lb roast, I pulled the meat at 5:15 to rest.  I planned a spinach saute and some grilled carrots along with the meat.  The washed carrots were tossed in two tbl of melted butter and two of olive oil, one tbl of balsamic, a bit of fresh rosemary, then salt and pepper to taste.  I grilled them over indirect heat for about 15 minutes, and that was it.  Surprisingly easy, and as long as the lid was on they didn't flare up, and the flavors...yum.

As for the spinach, it was cooked from beginning to end in under 5 minutes.  I cooked the shallots down, added the balsamic and tomatoes, then the spinach went in a bit at a time until all was wilted.  All that's left to do is drain the extra fluid and season with salt and pepper.  If you don't drain the water then the spinach will turn black quickly, and your flavors will be lost.  This meat is the perfect meal to train your attentions into more demanding sides, because once it's in the oven...you have hours to spare.  You could even take a nap while dinner cooks along without you.  Now if that nanny would only show up.

I left the meat at room temp for a good hour or two to get rid of the chill

Cutting slits in the meat, to allow the rub to soak in

 Toasting fennel seeds.  I apologize for the state of this pan.  I've had it for so long that it's been downgraded from egg pan, to a toasting seed pan, with a brief stop in burning sauce pan.

Getting ready to blend the herb sauce: sage, garlic, parsley, thyme, rosemary, olive oil, toasted & ground fennel seeds

After covering with the herb paste, I salted, peppered, and scattered the pork with the red pepper flakes.  It roasted for 1 hour @ 475, then for an hour per pound @ 275.  ALWAYS REST BEFORE YOU CUT IT!

Caramelized shallots, chopped tomatoes, balsamic, and thyme

Adding the spinach, handfuls at a time as it wilts

Draining before s n p, I hate leaving spinach in a pan to get dark.  :P

I tried to slice the pork, but it just fell apart and surrendered.

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  1. Organized, interesting, great pictures...and, it looks damn good!!! Wish I wasn't working nights so I could have been home to try it!!!