Monday, March 19, 2012

Prepped veg, frenched chops & coconut water

There are little more fancy touches than a frenched chop; lamb, pork, it doesn't even matter.  I think all manage to look elegant even before you've tasted them!  I picked up frenched lamb chops from my local Trader Joe's, and imagined them with a lentil stew.  Try finding a bag of lentils early in the morning post-St. Patrick's Day.  Sure enough, TJ's doesn't carry them anymore, but they have a cooked & refrigerated version.  Somehow, at bright-and-early & on a very coconut water kind of morning, that sounded more passable than grocery store-trolling.  I bought a package.  Along with a container of mirepoix.  Sure, I could chop carrots at home, along with celery and a couple of onions.  Coconut water morning here, people.  Prepped mirpoix would be fine.

After sauteeing the mirpoix in olive oil until soft, I added red wine *phhhbt* until it reduced and began to appear syrupy and silky.  I dumped in the refrigerated lentils and stirred until they separated.  Salted and peppered, I stirred in about 1/2c. of tomato sauce (it wasn't a measuring kinda day) and then 2 c. of chicken stock.

The frenched pork chops were rubbed with olive oil and TJ's 21 seasoning, and seared in a pan for 3 minutes a side.

Come now, your mouth is watering, isn't it??

Despite the aesthetic value of the frenched chop, I cut the meat off of the bone and sliced it with a serving of lentils and leftover herb sauce from St. Patty's Day <---shameless plug.

A serving of coconut water & you might even have an appetite for this!

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