Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What happens when the cook has fun

Tonight my friend came over.  I love to cook for friends, and I discovered a recipe this morning in the James Beard website by Lidia Bastianich, so I knew I had to make it.  Lidia is a bit of a legend for me, for Pete's sake, Mario Batali thinks she's amazing!  I once saw her on Bourdain with Christoper Walken, and she made Walken pick up a huge raw octopus, and cook it.  I really-really liked her after that.  

Her Ziti with Tuna Ascoli-Style starts with green olives, follows with tomatoes and tuna, and ends with pasta and parsley.  That...is my kind of dish.  

In my largest and most favored pan, I heated olive oil over medium heat and sauteed garlic and chopped green olives.  As it perfumed my kitchen with brininess and garlic I added in a can of whole tomatoes that I crushed by hand...and not even staining anything, I might add.  Salt and pepper, and it simmered for 10 minutes.  I heated the pasta water and began to cook the ziti noodles at this time.  When the sauce had begun to thicken and the pasta was almost done boiling, I added drained chunk tuna (originally packed in olive oil) to the tomato mixture and gently broke it into bite-sized bits.  Actually, I used Yellowtail because once I read something about dolphins and it kinda stuck with me.

As soon as the pasta was done, I drained and added it to the sauce to bring the flavors together, seasoned with salt and pepper, and served with fresh parsley.

 This...is the only problem with the cook having a friend over.  I got a grand total of three pictures, and all were at the end of my cooking.

But you know what?  It was worth it.  :)

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